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Education and Jobs: Few workaround and tips

October 13, 2007  Our very own IIT’s have joined the movement of providing free audio video lectures MIT Course Material(Lecture notes, assignments etc) IGNOU course material

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Various resources on this blog benefits all who want a career switch or miss their college education because parents get transfered. High college fees etc. No campus recruitment at colleges, reservations etc. or want a on going education for career advancement. This article slightly deviates from traditional wisdom, but it works

You can get audio video (entire course) lectures from Princecton, MIT, Harvard, Stanford , Even IIT’s etc. Lectures ranging from Computer Science, Engineering, Management and even includes Medicine and Surgery. Also you can understand how big organisation like Infosys, TCS, BPO’s ,Airtel, Big banks , Railways , Retail etc work. Their End to End industry process Just need a computer, High speed internet connection and a mp3 like iPod player and one is ready to go.

Its covers following.

  1. Quality audio video lectures free
  2. Free books in Pdf word format etc.
  3. Work experience workarounds(Learn industry best practices not documented in books)
  4. Placement papers and Interview Questions
  5. How to get interview calls tips and develop contacts in the industry

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Business process maps of different industries. (Highly recommended diagrams have complete end to end processes)

e.g. home and personal care

Quality education free.

I have seen lot of people worried about quality of lectures. Here is how to get audio video lectures free from top universities. One need a mp3 player like iPod etc to learn on the move while traveling or working in the kitchen.

Multimedia Educational resource for learning and online teaching

MIT Course Material(Lecture notes, assignments etc) MIT is one of the top universities in the world

University of Berkley Lectures

Courses from IIT’s

Indian university (Rai foundation)

United Nations University Social developememt Courses


Educational blogs

Online Education (<-Highly recommended links to top universities providing free lectures)

Video Lectures

Research Channel

Fora TV (AV lecture in magazine format)

Open Education Resources

Free University Online Courses

Second Life 3D Virtual Classrooms on internet

Second life Education Resources

Free books.

on theses sites. This One has great collection of books and articles.

If you are working on software project or want to join software company.

Learn about project management and software quality.

Soft Skills.

Companies ask for work experience.

Its a new way of learning the internal working of companies. What is not taught in MBA or graduation is things like approval process etc. ,another e.g if demand draft in a bank is more than Rs than 50000. It has to be signed by two managers. Generally books are written with business practices which are atleast 5 to 7 years old. Here guides are written with practices which are 2 to 3 years old and keeping Fortune 500 companies in mind. These guides will get into detail rather than looking at broader concept.

Here are basically links to help guides or documentation of software which are used in companies to run end to end be marketing , finance HR etc. You will be amazed with depth they cover.

Software converts business process to automated one. By reading software documentation one can understand business process. At certain times , while reading industry guides, they will become more technical in nature, just ignore that. Its more to highlight that enough management concepts are covered to get a head start.

I discussed with seniors managers in different industries and they approve this approach.

Business process maps of different industries. (Highly recommended diagrams have complete end to end processes)

Business Process maps Documentation of Business application vendors can be used for reverse engineering.

SAP (<-Click here for Documentation)

SAP is most comprehensive one as it covers various industries

Peoplesoft (<-Click here for Documentation)

Siebel (<-Click here for Documentation)

Oracle (<-Click here for Documentation)

Industries covered

Click on these links to understand End to End industry process. Generally these facts are not documented any text books available in the market. Don’t forget to click on expand all.

Aerospace & Defense



Consumer Products


Defense & Security

Engineering, Constru. & Oper.


Higher Education & Research

High Tech


Life Sciences


Mill Products


Oil & Gas

Professional Services

Public Sector




Wholesale Distribution

Waste and Recycling

Travel and Logistics

Lot of hard work required but i am sure we can take challenges.


Software convert business process to automated one. By reading software documentation one can understand business process.

Placement papers and Interview Questions Also search for interview question paper on

Work around to develop contacts in the industry. 

One can use the site . Its a professional networking site.

You will find CEO’s and VP’s here.

How to get interview calls tips

Getting a job is challenge for a student. Same challenge companies face to

acquire a customer. Imagine you running your own business then how will get a customer. Here are my tips.Please collect job supplements like Ascent from Times of India every week.Keep on collecting email id’s from the adv. you will have a database of at

least 2500 companies contacts. Collect in Microsoft

Excel. Remove duplicate email id by using advanced auto filter option from

Microsoft excel

tools menu->advanced filter->unique records only.

Similarly collect job consultants id from site like , or monster. within six months u will have database of 4000 companies and consultants.Now make a good resume in microsft word. In microsoft office word. there is options a mail merge. now u can merge to email client. e.g outlook express.

Now u need pop3 access to send emails. Gmail provides free pop3 access to outlook express.

Marketing process guides for different industeries

Advisor Administration Guide

Applications Administration Guide

Automotive Guide

Briefings Administration Guide

Client Sync Guide

Collaboration Guide

Communications Guide

Consumer Goods Guide

Consumer Goods Handheld Guide

Content Publishing Guide

Correspondence, Proposals, and Presentations Guide

Dealer Administration Guide

Demo Users Reference

Email Response Administration Guide

Energy Guide

eSales Administration Guide

eSales Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications

eService Administration Guide

eService Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications

Events Management Guide

Field Service Guide

Finance Guide

Forecasting Guide

Healthcare Guide

HelpDesk Guide

High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing Guide

Hospitality Guide

Insurance Guide

Life Sciences Guide

Life Sciences Portals Guide

Loyalty Administration Guide

Medical Handheld Guide

Order Management Guide

Order Management Guide Addendum for Industry Applications

Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide

Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications

Personalization Administration Guide

Pharma Handheld Guide

Pricing Administration Guide

Product Administration Guide

Professional Services Automation Guide

Public Sector Guide

Sales Handheld Guide

Search Administration Guide

Service Handheld Guide

Smart Answer Administration Guide

SmartScript Administration Guide

Store-and-Forward Messaging Guide for Handheld

Store-and-Forward Messaging Guide for Mobile Web Client

Territory Management Guide

Wireless Administration Guide

Read the Oracle Applications pdf file marked as user guide








Marketing & Sales Intelligence

Supply Chain & Order Management Intelligence

Procurement Intelligence

Service Intelligence

Projects Intelligence

Financials Intelligence

Balanced Scorecard

Financials & Sales Analyzers

Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Manager

Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance Intelligence

Marketing and Sales


Trade Management


Field Sales

Sales for Handhelds


Partner Management


Incentive Compensation

Order Management

Order Management

Sales Contracts




Inventory Management

Transportation Management

Supply Chain Planning

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Inventory Optimization

Global Order Promising

Collaborative Planning

Strategic Network Optimization

Demantra Demand Management

Demantra Predictive Trade Planning





Discrete Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

Asset Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Asset Tracking

Property Manager



Service Contracts

Field Service

Depot Repair



Project Costing

Project Resource Management

Project Collaboration

Project Management

Project Portfolio Analysis

Project Contracts

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management




Advanced Collections

Internet Expenses



Internal Controls Manager

Financial Consolidation Hub

Financial Services Accounting Hub

Human Resources

Human Resources

Self-Service Human Resources

Advanced Benefits



Time and Labor

Workforce Scheduling

HR Intelligence

Learning Management

Learning Management (formerly Training Administration)


Customer Data Management

Customer Hub Data Steward

Customer Hub B2B

Customer Hub B2C

Product Information Management

Product Hub Data Steward

Product Hub

Interaction Center Technology

Advanced Inbound Telephony

Advanced Outbound Telephony


eMail Center


CRL Financial Management

Telco Provisioning

Number Portability

Telecommunications Billing Integrator

Public Sector/University

Student System

Financial Aid

Student Recruiting

Personal Portfolio



Financial Services

Regulatory Capital Manager

Profitability Manager

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing Online

Budgeting and Planning

Risk Manager

Financial Data Manager

Financial Services Provisioning

Lease Management


Adverse Event Reporting System


Remote Data Capture

Thesaurus Management System

Clinical TrialMinder

Clinical SiteMinder

Life Sciences Data Hub

Healthcare Transaction Base

High Tech

Shop Floor Management

Supply Chain Trading Connector for RosettaNet

Aerospace, Defense and Transportation

Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul